Reward Health Sciences, Inc.

partners with physicians, hospitals, health plans and government officials to provide analytic innovations, enabling improved population health and risk contracting success.

We founded Reward Health because we were frustrated by the sorry state of health care analytics — where even sophisticated organizations are struggling to make sense of bad data, bored with repetitive canned reports, and starved for actionable insights — even after multiple rounds of investments in analytic technologies. 

We have succeeded where larger technology-centric vendors have failed by providing analytic innovations informed by years of experience working in and with health care organizations and health plans.

Invest in Data Quality

We believe in the value of persistent investment in good data.  We provide innovative cloud-based tools for securely sharing data across organizations, structuring and enriching data and measuring both obvious and subtle dimensions of data quality. We help clients get more useful data from payers in risk contracting arrangements through contractually-enforceable standards. Our clients are rewarded with a strong data foundation for analytics, population health and contract administration.

Persuade with Models

Too much hope has been placed in reports and dashboards that summarize the past.  We believe that the most valuable analytics come from models that use data to project future outcomes for multiple decision alternatives and scenarios.   We start by clarifying decision alternatives and work back to the models needed to make the most persuasive case for the optimal alternative.

Explore with Digital Simulations

We understand that people are not just logic processors.  They learn through interesting, actionable stories.  Many other industries have been using digital simulations to explore alternative scenarios to gain insight and drive their most important decisions.  We are pioneering the use of digital simulations for population health and risk-based contracting.  

Develop Analytic Talent

Although we provide analytic technology and services to our clients, our biggest long-term contribution is to help them recruit, develop and empower highly effective internal analytic talent.  Too many vendors focus on selling shiny-object technologies, claiming they will magically deliver insights.   Our experience is that the best analytics come from the best analysts.  We strengthen our clients’ internal analytic teams and provide analytic innovations they can use to directly query good data and access useful models and simulations to empower analysts to tell stories with data that are both true and influential.

Are You Our Ideal Client?


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • VP Payer Strategy and Contracting
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Analytics Officer
  • Chief Medical Informatics Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer


  • Regional Health System
  • Academic Medical Center
  • National Health Care Organization
  • Multi-specialty Group Practice
  • Health Insurer
  • Medicare Advantage Plan
  • Managed Medicaid Plan
  • Accountable Care Organization
  • Clinically Integrated Network
  • State or Provincial Department of Public Health
  • County Government addressing Pandemic or Social Programs
  • Health Information Exchange


We bring to bear training and experience in medicine and business administration, and a track record of success in the four key disciplines that are needed to support population health and risk-based contracting:

  • Care management and clinical process improvement
  • Measurement of quality, outcomes and efficiency
  • Clinical practice guidelines and protocols
  • Medical Informatics

Let’s Get Started

Please explore this web site to get ideas and a deeper understanding of our approach and capabilities. This site is structured as a blog, with new material added over time.  So, please subscribe to receive links to newly added information. We are eager to hear your comments.

Most importantly, we hope to have a conversation about your goals, and how Reward Health Sciences may be able to partner with you to accomplish them.

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