Reward Health Sciences, Inc. is a consultancy and information technology developer dedicated to partnering with physicians and hospitals to create successful Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Of course, each ACO may have a different vision for what it means to be “successful.”  And, each ACO exists in a different local environment, with a different collection of facilities and community resources, a different culture, and different strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  So, there can be no one ideal approach to creating a successful ACO.

Nevertheless, each ACO does not have to start from scratch.  There are some elements that are widely accepted as essential to success.  In particular, to be successful, an ACO must assemble capable people and organize them in a way that enables the continual improvement of high performing care processes, supported by enabling information technology.  Underlying these people, processes and technologies must be a strong culture, a sustainable economic model, and effective leadership.  These essential elements constitute the “ACO Stack.”

Reward Health Sciences has developed a framework and approach for each layer of this ACO Stack, to provide a thoughtful starting point in a conversation with the leaders of physician organizations and hospitals coming together to form ACOs.

We bring to bear training and experience in medicine and business administration, and a track record of success in the four key disciplines that are needed to support ACOs:
(1) care management and clinical process improvement
(2) measurement of quality, outcomes and efficiency
(3) clinical practice guidelines and protocols, and
(4) information technology.

Please explore this web site to get ideas and a deeper understanding of our approach and capabilities. This site is structured as a blog, with new material added over time.  So, please subscribe to receive links to newly added information. We are eager to hear your comments.

Most importantly, we hope to have a conversation about your goals, and how Reward Health Sciences may be able to partner with you to accomplish them.

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