2 min video of Harold Miller saying hospitals need to be offered a “glide path” to handle revenue reduction anticipated from new payment models

In this 2 minute video, Harold Miller, Executive Director, Center for Healthcare Quality & Payment Reform,talks about the changes that hospitals will face during the transition to new payment models. His remarks were part of the Massachusetts Medical Society’s program, “A Path to Accountable Care Organizations: How Do We Get There From Here?”, held on Sept. 13, 2011.

He argues that savings won’t necessarily come from reducing the revenues of specialist physicians, but that they are likely to come from reducing revenue to hospitals, device manufacturers and others. ┬áHe says hospitals need to anticipate getting smaller, and payers need to create a good “glidepath” to make that happen without being too disruptive.

I agree wholeheartedly with this principle. More generally, I am a big fan of Dr. Miller’s work. He thinks clearly about health care structures and processes, and is an effective communicator. His early framing of Accountable Care remains very useful.




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