We’re up to 154 Medicare ACOs

Today, the CMS announced that it added another 89 ACOs to the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP).  Including the original 6 Physician Group Practice Transition Demonstration participants, the 32 Pioneer ACO, and the 27 MSSP participants announced in April, that brings the total number to 154, serving more than 2.4 million Medicare beneficiaries.  Beginning this year, new applicants will be accepted only annually.

The new ACOs includes some that serve Michigan:

  • Oakwood Accountable Care Organization, LLC, located in Dearborn, Michigan (with 1,546 physicians and partner hospitals), and
  • Southeast Michigan Accountable Care, Inc., also located in Dearborn, Michigan (comprised of 333 physicians, including group practices and a network of individual practices), and
  • ProMedica  Physician Group (250 physicians in Michigan and Ohio)

Other new Medicare ACOs that are particularly large include:

  • Advocate Health Partners (2,237 physicians in Illinois)
  • Wellstar Health Network, LLC (1,203 physicians in Georgia)
  • Indiana University Health ACO (1,837 physicians)
  • Iowa Health Accountable Care (1,551 physicians),
  • University of Iowa Affiliated Health Providers (1,791 physicians)
  • Maine ACO (1,595 physicians)
  • Essential Health (1,404 physicians in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin)
  • Balance Accountable Care Network (1,069 physicians in New York City)
  • Mount Sinai Care (2,249 physicians in New York City)
  • University Hospitals Coordinated Care (1,770 physicians in Ohio)

The full list of new ACOs is available here.



4 thoughts on “We’re up to 154 Medicare ACOs”

  1. The list of 6 original Physician Group Practice Demo sites is available at https://rewardhealth.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/List-of-PGP-Demo-Participants.png (which is from Table 2 of Nelson’s paper at http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/WP2012-02_Nelson_Medicare_VBP_Demonstrations.pdf).

    The list of 32 Pioneer ACOs is available at https://rewardhealth.com/archives/2001

    The list of 27 MSSP participants announced in April is available at https://rewardhealth.com/archives/2247

    The list of 89 new MSSP participants announced in July is available here.

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. I’d been able to find these lists previously but what confuses me is which are the 6 of the 10 original Physician Group Practice Demonstrations are considered in the 154 count. I haven’t seen anywhere which 6 are included and which 4 are not. Do you know? Thanks so much for all of your help!

  3. Emilie T, I think the difference is due to the fact that some of the original 10 PGP Demo project participants are also participating as Pioneer or MSSP ACOs. For example, University of Michigan was in PGP Demo and also has joined with IHA in Ann Arbor to participate as a Pioneer ACO. I suspect there are three other such examples.

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